Now You Can Enjoy Personal 1-on-1 Training from Elite Fitness Experts From The Comfort of Your Own Home in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

We’ve Transformed The Health of 3265+ Busy Entrepreneurs, Executives & Other Professionals Across UAE…

And Now We’re Super Excited to Help YOU!

Imagine getting private 1-on-1 training from some of the world’s most elite fitness trainers and experts to help you burn off excessive stress, melt away pesky body fat, and get a more lean + toned body that you can be proud of?

Thanks to the expert fitness trainers we have available to help you in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, now you can get the personalized attention you need to get in the best shape of your entire life.

We’ll create a 100% personalized & fully tailored wellness plan plan that’ll work for your specific health and fitness goals.

And we’ll do it ALL without you needing to spend endless hours in the gym or starving yourself with gimmicky diets.

You deserve to finally look and feel better – even if you’re time is limited. With our private personal fitness trainers, we can help you no matter if you’re a busy male or female business professional.

We know exactly what it takes to help you get MAXIMUM results with LESS time and effort. This means finally discovering how to transform your own health to lose weight, add strong muscle, and to boost your own energy and personal vitality.

Our expert coaches will travel across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to train you in the comfortof your own home.

Personal Trainer Dubai Head Coach Milos Vukovic

Our head coach Milos Vukovic
is in the top 1% of world athletes.

He’s a former World Karate Champion with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Weight Loss.

Already excited to start? See who why this program is your best 1-on-1 solution!

Our Exclusive Private 1-on-1 Personal Training is a Perfect Fitness Solution For You IF…

What People Say About Us?

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Carol Martis
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Radmila is an excellent trainer very knowledgeable and professional and her workouts are never boring as she brings in plenty of variety to the trainings which I love. Being a reliable trainer she comes in prepared with an exercise routine and never fails to follow up during the day to make sure that I am following the planned diet. I love Radmila's personality- she is humorous, positive and extremely patient which makes training with her very interesting and comfortable. Radmila ensures that I get the the maximum out of each training session because of which I have seen visibly great results in just 2 months. I definitely recommend Radmila to anyone looking for great quality personal training.
marwa hasan
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My Personal Trainer Rada has been great. I am very happy with her level of professionalism. She’s fun, energetic and always adds an element of humor to the session. Rada is not only training me physically, but she’s always checking on my nutrition and always making sure to follow up after each session. She’s flexible and always works around my schedule.
Jana Kajevic
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I've been training with trainer Radmila and couldn't be more satisfied! Rada is patient and consistent trainer, and so nice, so it's a quite a joy to workout with her. Workouts are innovative, fun and most important - effective! All recommendations to this place and ofcourse Rada! ❤️
Tomas C
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Tamas is an authentic dedicated professional coach who understands very small details of the body, muscles and designs training to reach targeted results. His personality and focus on safety during the exercises is unique. Any client with Tamas can feel and see progress in its performance, personal development. Tamas brings an honest and friendly relationship with absolute trust in the client`s hidden potential, which he, as a coach, explores very quickly.Tamas belongs to one of the unique Personal Trainers in Dubai you will love to cooperate with daily.
Shereen El Meligi
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I found PTD through Facebook and was amazed at the quick response, the professional assessment and the wonderful service and attention. They paired me with Filip who is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He has a way of making me love exercise and pushing me to want to achieve my goals. Highly recommended if you want to have a sustainable life style and diet.
Abdul Qadir
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I got to know about PT Dxb HQ when Milosh visited out office in DSO and then I got in touch with Philip, he is my PT for some time, he keeps me motivated and always doing his best to support my fitness goals. I think he is the best trainer so far I ever had.
Dilini De Silva
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I happen to come across PTD post in FB and just messaged them without much of a thought. They were so prompt and arranged for a trainer to visit me within a day. A lovely lady visited me and I haven’t really thought to sign up following the assessment. There was something in her that made me feel right and for the first time in life made up my mind to go ahead without much deliberation. This is how coach Rada became my trainer.Thank you PTD for your service and it’s great to experience the great caliber of your staff.

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Our Program is designed to
benefit your health in lots of ways

The 5 Biggest Health Benefits You’ll Enjoy Once You’re Accepted Into Our Personalized Personal Training Program…


Watch as pesky and stubborn body fat melts off with ease from your belly, thighs, arms, and other problematic areas. Find out how to lose weight the healthy way - and keep it from coming back.


As you begin to train with us, your energy levels and personal vitality levels will naturally increase. You’ll experience more physical energy and a welcomed boost in confidence as you transform your body.


Once the body fat melts away, you’ll begin to see it get replaced with strong and lean muscle. This way you’ll look more toned than ever before. Finally go shopping for the outfits you really want to wear.


You’ll be shocked at just how good you’ll look and feel in your own skin as you move through this 1-on-1 training process. You’ll feel like a brand-new person who can take on the entire world.


Anxiety and stress are common with business professionals like yourself. But thanks to what you’ll experience in your personal training, anxiety and stress will melt away just like your body fat.

Get 100% Personalized Training, Guidance & Friendly Support From Some of Our Elite Coaches…