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Dear Friend,

Are you carrying 5, 10, or 20+ kilos more than you used to?

Do you wish you had more energy for your loved ones…

Enjoy better sleep

Or simply look good in your favorite clothes again?

If so, I hear you. 

See, not that long ago…

I was in your very shoes.

A Word From Milos “Ricky” Vukovic

The Founder of Personal Trainers Dubai
Karate World Champion 2010

Head Coach

Hi, I’m Milos.

Just like many ex-pro athletes…

I gained A LOT of weight after I retired.
And the only way to drop it I knew:

Grueling training and spending 6 hours in the dojo a day…

Wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Maybe you can relate…

But as a Dad, husband and business owner…

My time, focus and energy are SCARCE.

So, I took a deep dive into the science of rapid fat loss…

Combined everything I knew about exercise, nutrition and psychology…

And BOOM. 

4 months later I was sporting a six-pack again:

Head Coach

Introducing PTD Fitness:

High-Touch Personal Training Building Leaner, Fitter and More Muscular Bodies

Tired of influencers and “experts” with shady certificates completed in a day?
Me too!

That’s why I hand-picked world-class specialists:
Top athletes and certified fitness coaches with YEARS of experience…

To deliver my RESULTS-FIRST fat loss program and help folks replicate my results…
Quickly and easily.
This elite team has already helped 11,732+ busy people like you to…

Drop stubborn kilos and trim waistline…
Fix energy and sleep…. 
Get in the best shape of their lives…

And regain their health, energy and confidence.

See Some of the Jaw-Dropping Transformations of Our Clients

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What Makes PTD Fitness Different

If you want FAST but SUSTAINABLE results in record time…
But without:

❌ Unhealthy calorie deficits

❌ Restrictive diets

❌ Backbreaking neverending workouts

❌ OTC or prescription medicine, pricy supplements or woo-woo herbs

❌ Wasting time commuting to a gym

Our premium 1-on-1 personal training is the way to go.

Simply choose your PTD trainer and tell them your goals…
And they will:

  • Design a 100% customized diet and fitness plan…
    Tailor-made for your unique needs


  • Work with you on finding the best types of workout…
    Weight lifting, cardio, mobility, stretching, martial arts – and more


  • Meet you in your home, apartment gym, park…
    Or ANYWHERE else you want to exercise


  • Arrive at an arranged time with exercise equipment…
    Without you needing to prepare anything or go anywhere


  • Deliver a FUN, EFFECTIVE and RESULTS-DRIVEN session…
    Guaranteed to be the best part of your day

Your PTD trainer is more than just your coach.

They will be your best friend and confidant throughout your transformation…

And support you with:

√ Personalized nutrition & fitness plans 

√ Balancing your hormones for rapid fat loss

√ Accountability & motivation

√ Best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ exercises

This is For You IF:

You want to be leaner, stronger and healthier…
…In as little as 8 weeks*

You are a busy professional, entrepreneur or a leader…
…Who has 0 time to waste & wants results FAST

You are a caring Mom or Dad…
…And want to be fit and healthy for your kids

You want to enjoy tasty food (and occasional drink!)…
…And not eat broccoli & chicken 7 days /week

You can commit to training 3X a week (at minimum)
…So you can lose fat, tone up & skyrocket your energy

You’re done with amateurs and cookie-cutter solutions…
… And want a proven system

1-on-1 coaching tailored to your unique needs, goals and medical condition

Check Out All the Love for PTD Fitness on Google:

Mehmet Kaluc
Mehmet Kaluc
I recently started my journey with personal trainer after much deliberation on teh subject, I am glad I did , I had a great experience with PTD Fitness , originally had Jasko as my trainer and recently Nicola , I am well happy with his support and motivation to mak epush even harder .. Thank you ! 🙏
Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Cruz
Tamara is a lovely trainor! She is very patient, flexible and gives you good advice on proper food and health. Thank you!
Izmina Pujoor
Izmina Pujoor
Since I have been training with Vlatka, I have seen significant signs of improvement in my body and overall health. It is a pleasure to work with her, as she is an excellent trainer who encourages me and knows what's best for my body.
Borna Smrk
Borna Smrk
I have been working with coach Vlatka for the last 9 months and and this was the best investment of my life. After having few trainers before signing up with PTD i was never satisfied with the approach and didn’t get the result I wanted. All of that changed with PTD! The way Vlatka followed me up every day and also took care of my nutrition and training plan was on the next level from what I have experienced before. I’m looking forward to many more years with PTD! Definitely outstanding experience!
Petra Smrk
Petra Smrk
Huge thank you to PTD and coach Vlatka for pushing me and believing in me when I wanted to give up! It was a difficult road but here I am now, 15 kgs down, and feeling better than ever! This was more than training, it was a process of getting to know my body and what works the best for me and I have finally seen the result!
Dina Hady
Dina Hady
I had great session with Tamara She was taking care of everything like daily meals and sessions every thing was great and I felt that I have more energy and my body changed
Nachiket Bandekar
Nachiket Bandekar
Super experience with PTD. Since the time i started coaching with Nikola, its been a very effective, super fun way to reach my fitness goals for 2023.Hes not only very knowledgeable & passionate about his role as a fitness trainer, but also keeps nudging me to give my best. Probably the best decision made this year to have him support & coach me!Thanks Nikola!
Shilpa Bandekar
Shilpa Bandekar
I was very skeptical about starting personal training , however my husband coaxed me into it . We started with Nikola from PTD and have completed 18 sessions so far . His patience and persistence are both admirable . I am loving this transformation journey.
Amena Baig
Amena Baig
Tamara is an amazing fitness trainer who is helping me get into the best shape of my life. Despite being someone who had never exercised before, I am now more active and strong thanks to Tamara's expertise and guidance. She is always on time, very flexible, and incredibly motivating. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get fit and healthy!
Lucy Williams
Lucy Williams
I have trained with both of Kristina and Tamara who helped me reach my goals and both have been fantastic. Nice, fun and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend both

“Do I Qualify For This Opportunity?”

Personal Trainers Dubai Fitness is not for everyone.

A total physical and mental transformation we help you achieve requires a time and money investment.

That’s why we can only take on clients ready to commit to (at least) 3 training sessions per week.

Unsure if going with us makes sense for you right now?

We want you to make the best-informed decision.

That’s why we are giving you 1 FREE complimentary session with a trainer of your choice.

We’d love you to stay with us after your first session.

But if that doesn’t happen, your trainer will shake your hand and wish you well.

No sales pitching. No hard feelings.

How This Works


Claim Your Free Session

Click the button below to book a quick consultation and arrange your free session with one of Personal Trainers Dubai coaches.**


Work With A World-Class Fitness Professional

Forget about boring, painful or time-consuming workouts.

Our fun, well-planned and effective training sessions will make you look forward to working out…

And make exercising a part of your weekly routine.


See Rapid & Real Results

Whether you want to lose the spare tire around your waist…

Get bigger and stronger…

Or improve your cardio, mobility and flexibility…

We’ll help you fast-track your fitness results…

 And become your leanest, happiest and healthiest Self.

100% Free & No Strings Attached

More Undeniable Proof that PTD Fitness Method Works

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Let’s Recap – Here’s Why You Can Trust Personal Trainers Dubai Fitness:

√ Time-saving and 0 prep on your part

√ Available anytime & anywhere

√ Science-based, proven & reputable

√ 2875+ clients in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

√  Flexible and 100% tailor-made for *YOU*

√ Expert guidance, support, accountability and motivation

√ 60+ certified & background-screened trainers available

Got Questions? We Got Answers!

1. Do I need a personal trainer?

If you made it this far, chances are that you do. Even top athletes who hire personal trainers to help them – not just with their expertise, but support, accountability and motivation.

2. What are the qualifications of Personal Trainers Dubai?

We carefully screen each of our 60 + trainers for their education (most have advanced degrees in nutrition, exercise science, kinesiology, physical education, etc), expertise, experience and personal qualities.

Each of our trainers is a specialist in their field and many are former (or current) pro athletes.

3. Can I choose my trainer?

Absolutely! It’s important for you to choose a trainer you can bond with. This way you will achieve your goals faster, easier – and have more fun while doing it.

4. I don’t like weight lifting / cardio. Can I still get in shape?

Yes! The best fitness modality is the one you enjoy. There are many options you can choose from –  boxing, yoga, weightlifting, stretching, mobility, swimming, bodyweight exercises, and functional training.

However you wish to achieve your fitness goals – -we have a coach to get you there.

5. Do I need to meet my personal trainer in the gym?

No. The beauty of working with PTD Fitness is that we meet you wherever (and whenever) you want: your apartment, fitness club, gym, park, pool.

6. What do I have to bring for each session?

Just your heart and desire to get in shape. Your trainer will meet you at an arranged time and bring all the equipment you need – weights, mats, pads, etc.

7. Why should I choose you over other personal training options in the UAE ?

We’re results-first service provider with 11,732+ happy clients. Founded by the former world champion, we do everything to the highest industry standards and provide impeccable service.

Our coaches are world-class experts with certifications, education and experience needed to give you the results you want.

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11,732+ men and women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have already shed stubborn fat…

And became the healthiest, strongest and most trimmed version of themselves.

Join them today by clicking the button below and kick off your fitness transformation.

100% Free & No Strings Attached

*Individual results may vary. While we provide expert advice and support, your success ultimately depends on various factors, including your dedication, consistency, and adherence to our recommendations. We do not guarantee specific outcomes or results, as they are influenced by your unique circumstances, body type, genetics, and other individual variables. 

** We reserve the right to evaluate each client’s fitness goals and requirements before scheduling the first training session. This evaluation is conducted to ensure that our services align with your fitness objectives and our expertise can be best utilized to help you achieve your goals. Please understand that the scheduling of the first session is contingent upon this evaluation process, and it may not proceed in certain cases.