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How Would It Feel If You Could Eat ANYTHING and train HOWEVER you wanted, WITHOUT sabotaging your results?

I HIGHLY SUGGEST watching this video before signing up for a call.
DON'T SIGN up for a call if you don't want to learn how to eat and
train however you want for the rest of you life. This is for people who actually want a permanent change

You will need 60 minutes for the call. Don't pick a time where you can't give 100% of your attention and at least 1 hour. REMEMBER...the call will cancel if we have follow up questions and you don't respond. So make sure to keep an eye on your messenger inbox in case we do.

The Elite Fit Body Success Stories

Thousands of men and women have achieved massive success in losing weight, increasing happiness, and generating more wealth because of our proven training methods.

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A Elite Fit Body System

WE DON'T Follow The Crowd
We Are Innovative, Bright, And Unique.
We Realize To Be The Best Version Of Ourselves Every Single Day.
We Are Willing To Do Things Others Are Not Willing To Do!

Our Sole Purpose Is To Show You! That You Can Live A Sustainable Lifestyle Without Giving Up The Things You Love

Personal Trainer Dubai Head Coach Milos Vukovic

We help busy women & Man all around the world break free from restrictive diets, mindless exercise plans and unhealthy beliefs.

We show you the sustainable way to get lasting results for life with our unique online fitness, food and mindset coaching.

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So Why Us?

This is not your generic exercise and meal plan programme – we are coaches. We delve much deeper into the strategies and techniques that you can use to help you create a stronger, leaner body, an unshakeable mindset, and your own diet where you’ll have complete freedom and control for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Elite Fit Body System is about transforming your body and living life on YOUR terms. Any trainer or coach can starve you to death or put you through grueling workout programs, but only a good one can do things YOUR WAY.

Our fitness formula has enabled people all around the world to achieve amazing success in their health and fitness which cascades positively into other areas of their life, such as relationships (professional and personal), career and personal development. If you are committed to make a change, learn the fundamentals and build on strong habits, you will become one of these People too

Elite Fit Body System

Online Fitness, Food And Mindset Coaching

Every Hour, Minute And Second You Wait Is Another Hour, Minute And Second Wasted On Getting Your Fitness, Health And Wealth Goals Met. It's Also Another Minute Other Individuals Get Looking Great, Feeling Great, And Getting Their Financial Goal Met And You DON'T!

7 Out Of 10 Individuals FAIL! According To Our Statistics And Research, One Of The Biggest Reasons People FAIL Is Because Of Proper Information! You Don't Have To Starve Yourself, You Don't Have To Be On Some Crazy! Diet And You Don't Have To Run 100 Miles A Day!

Below Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Of What You Will Experience Inside Of PTD Tribe

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1-to-1 acces to your personal coach

Direct 1-to-1 access to your personal coach through voice/video/text chats in WhatsApp. We’ll say this again, we’re not an app, a plan or a programme – it goes much deeper than that. Our impact and results come from building professional relationships with our clients; we communicate, we listen, we understand and we teach you how to succeed.



We give you the blueprint and guide you to build a diet so it fits for life. Your nutrition has to work with your lifestyle whilst aligning with your goal. Get in the best shape of your life whilst still enjoying the food you love. There are ZERO food restrictions – nothing is off limits

Personal Trainers


No generic cookie cutter plans here. We develop your training plan specifically for you in alignment with your lifestyle, environment and goals. Your plan is fluid and progressive. If something needs changing, it will. And when you are ready to take the progressive steps, we do.

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This is a time to reflect with your coach on the past week, highlighting what you are winning at and what you need to improve on to keep moving forward. You get lazer focused on the actions needed for ultimate success.

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Tribe Member Community

You will have complete access to our Elite Fit Body Tribe member group! You will join thousands of like minded individuals who are already crushing their goals. This helps build moral and shows you what we teach is PROVEN and it works.

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You will receive a plethora of information. Nutrition, workouts, habits, the do’s and don’ts (Actual information that will benefit you) of the fitness world.

Word of CEO

To Motivated Individual,

Who Is Milos Vukovic ?

What Makes You Qualified To Tell Me Anything?

What Makes PTD Different?

When I Was A Young Boy I Was Made Fun Of Ruthlessly!

As I Went Through Middle School I Was Always The Kid Who Got Made Fun Of. It Started Effecting

My Confidence Greatly.

Because I Was 12 I Thought The Best Plan Of Action Was To Try To Beat These Kids Up. So, I Started

Going To The Gym At 6 AM Every Single Day Before School To Workout and start Training Karate !!!

3 Months Went By And Between The Fact I Had Never Lifted Weights Before And My Consistency,

My Body Changed Rapidly. I Started Getting Compliments On My Physique Which Led To Increased Confidence. That Triggered

A Spiral Of Positive Events.

My Grades Increased, I Became Member of National Karate Team, And Girls Started Talking To Me

(Before They Laughed At Me). I Went On To Faculty of Sport and Physical Education Got my Master Degree and Became World Karate Champion 2010.

Essentially, I Went From Zero To Hero. I Was The “Loser” And Now I Was The “Popular” Kid.

While All That Is Irrelevant Understand The Picture, I’m Painting For You.

My Belief From My Experience And The Hundreds Of Clients I’ve Worked With Is The Same Things It

Takes To Be Successful In Fitness, Are The Same Things It Takes To Be Successful In Life.

Whether Your Health, Low Self-Esteem, Or Hope For A Romantic Relationship Is The Driving Force

For You To Make A Change It Doesn’t Matter.

I Promise You, NO Guarantee You That By Changing Your Body All Those Things Will Happen.

Changing Your Body Creates Confidence. Confidence Creates Happiness. Happiness Creates

Improvements At Work, LIfe, And In Relationships.

See Fitness Isn’t Just About The Physical Things, It Can Truly Change Your Life. That Is My Message

Behind Elite Fit Body System

Get Results While Living Life The Way The Way You Want

Personal Trainer Dubai - Head Coach Milos