Head Coach Milos!

Personal Trainer Dubai - Head Coach Milos

Weight Loss and Nutrition Expert, Karate World Champion, Master Degree of Sport and Physical education, Professional Athlete

World Karate Champion 2010
Master Degree of sport and Physical education
Weight Loss Specialist
National champion in Kick Boxing
Bussines coach

After many years and over 250 medals from national and international competitions, Milos made to his countries national team and claimed the title of the Kumite Karate World Champion in the year of 2010.

At about the same time he graduated and got his Masters Degree in Faculty Sports Science and Physical Education. Next to his degree, Milos also has many international fitness and nutrition certificates, making him one of the most educated and respected people in the fitness industry of Europe.

Milos is a professional karate combat fighter. Click here to see his profile.

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