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Discover the only Fitness and Weight Loss program that will make you Tight, Toned, Boost your Confidence and help you Fit your Favorite Dress Again!

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Why did I create the Hot Mommy Makeover Fitness and Weight Loss program?

Dear Moms, I know how you feel.

Exactly 8 years ago I was walking in your shoes. All the delicious food I was craving made me gain 15kg during the pregnancy. I was eating pizza, cakes, all kinds of pasta… all the food one pregnant lady wishes more and more day by day.
Hot Mommy Makeover - Personal Trainer Dubai

I was worried that I am never going to get rid of the pregnancy weight

As a personal trainer, I needed a way to return to my original body weight and shape, as fast as I could, without putting my body through strict and unpleasant diets. The result of my research was a SUCCESS! And I want to share that knowledge with you today and help you achieve your ideal weight and body tone so you can be proud of yourself and be sexy and confident!

I know you are busy

I work with crazy busy moms every day. I know you feel like you don’t have even a minute during a day to do something for yourself. And you have to change that!

Healthy Mom is a happy Mom. This is exactly why I created Hot Mommy Makeover program – program tailored for your needs and created especially for you! We fit your busy schedule, create the nutrition plan according to your needs and specialized exercise program so we can achieve the best results as fast as possible.

Hot Mommy Makeover - Personal Trainer Dubai

Why is the Hot Mommy Makeover program perfect for you?

The program includes 45 minutes of high-intensity training with afterburn effect. Because of the afterburn effect, you are going to burn twice more calories in half of your time.

You are going to feel energized, healthy and positive after every workout, and see the most amazing result after only a month!

Why is the Hot Mommy Makeover program perfect for you?

  • Specialized Fitness and Weight Loss exercise program

  • Training with highly educated personal trainers who have a lot of experience in working with busy moms

  • Nutrition plan tailored to your own specific needs

  • Full time 24/7 online support from all the coaches – we are here for all your questions

  • Flexible timing and location – we come to your prefered location at the time that best suits you

  • FREE Body assessment test

PT Dubai Hot Mommy Makeover program

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