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I know that people often stop being active and exercise or become less active with age. There are many reasons why we tend to slow down, and it may be because of our weight, health problems, job or family. Maybe you simply believe that exercising is not your thing. But did you know that as you become older, regular exercising becomes more important for your overall fitness? It is even more important than when you are young!

Being dedicated to regular exercising and right nutrition in older age means managing weight, giving yourself an energy boost, keeping your health and protecting yourself from often problems like diabetes or back pain.

Training with a personal trainer is an investment

What are the common reasons for people to work out in the first place? Some of the answers I get from Personal Trainers Dubai clients are to lose weight, to gain more confidence, to improve health, to be more positive, to get rid of stress which piles up at work. 

When you decide to train with a personal trainer, you are providing yourself not only a well-planned workout but also an educated individual who will plan and track your nutrition and overall health. After only a few trainings our clients state that they feel younger and energized. Not one element is missed, which is why we say that training with a personal trainer is an investment made in yourself.

Personal Trainer Dubai

What is amazing about training with a personal trainer is that you have their full attention. Our personal trainers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are full-time personal trainers who are here to give you advice, motivate you and help you improve. If you decide to train with a personal trainer from PTD team you get 24/7 online support, nutrition plans and body diagnostic tests. All of this will improve your overall state and help you progress, so there is no age barrier – actually, it is even more important for you to start training as you get older!

Weight Loss problems

Sometimes you just stop caring about how you look. But is never really completely true. Deep inside you know that you wish you don’t have the belly fat or double chin. At this point, people tend to tell themselves that they can’t keep the body shape since they reached a certain age. And then I ask the question – what is that age? When should you tell yourself “Okay, from this day on I will never look good and feel good in my own skin ever again.” The answer is NEVER. You should never stop caring.

Just look at our clients. At the age of fifty and older they feel and look better than ever. These people are successful businessman, very busy and travel often, and yet they made the decision to make the change – and they did.

Some of the recommended training that you can do are cardio exercises (check some advice in our blog posts about cardio), strength training, kickboxing and yoga.

Personal Trainer Dubai Yoga Exercise

What is amazing about cardio is that is it effective in helping you to burn fat and it doesn’t put too much pressure on the whole body at once – instead you exercise different muscle groups. Another great thing about cardio is that you can choose the intensity and change it over time from low to hard, so it is always the right intensity for you. Your personal trainer can create fun cardio training, for example riding a bike or cardio machines.

Another great exercise for you is squats, which help to strengthen different sets of muscles, like arms, legs, shoulders and abs. Your personal trainer is going to show you how to do these exercises properly and to get the best effect.

Furthermore, you can try push-ups or leg raise, both great for weight loss and toning. You can also decrease and increase intensity depending on your fitness level, and your personal trainer is going to show you how to do that.

What are the benefits of training?

Many people say that they have trouble sleeping. Trust me, when you start training you are going to sleep like a baby! And this is not because you are going to feel exhausted – this is not the case. Exercising makes you more energized and healthy, but it will also improve the quality of sleep.

Another benefit is that it enhances mobility and balance, strength and posture

Finally, it is going to give you a confidence boost. Exercise reduces stress and anxiety and decreases feelings of depression and sadness.

If you want to feel better both physically and emotionally, do not think about it anymore. Start your transformation today and with the right personal trainer, you are going to feel and look better than ever. Contact us.