NewsYou can do it

Hi again! I’m John and I’ll be honest with you; I was never the skinny type, so achieving this dream of mine, of having a sick pack, at the age of 46 is truly incredible!

I was always:

  •  The chubby kid in my class
  • The largest teenager in the high school
  • The fat coworker at work

… always and anywhere the “overweight guy”, “the cubby guy” “or the heavy guy”.

As a child, I was always bullied because of it. I remember I sometimes went home crying. And believe me, I have tried everything:

  • Went to expensive dieticians
  • Tried different diets that sometimes were simply bad, either only meat or only vegan
  • Hundreds of hours spent in the gym
  • Ate as little as one meal a day
  • Watched hundreds of hours of YouTube gurus sharing their weight loss techniques, just to see that in the end they would sell me their expensive programs…

I did all that… but at most, I would lose 1 kilogram that wasn’t belly fat, it was mostly arm muscles, and without them, I would look even worse.

Being overweight hasn’t affected only my self-esteem. It has affected all areas of my life. Areas like my health and my dating life.

My dating life was basically inexistent because of my body…

I wouldn’t even have the courage to approach a girl after what I’ve been through in school and college.

I was doomed.

Until… I found something or better said, someone, local, right here, in Dubai.

Someone who had a completely different vision than what I knew until then.

Actually, it was an ad that popped up. Usually, I’m annoyed by ads but this product was different because it didn’t promise any overnight miracles.

It was Milos, and his team of professional trainers and dieticians. But that wasn’t what intrigued me the most… in fact, the most attracting part was their reviews!

That’s when it clicked.

Hundreds of people just like me, who’ve been dealing with weight issues all their lives, managed to achieve great results under PTD guidance (Professional Trainers Dubai).

Honestly, I was still skeptical about it… Maybe because of the so many failures in the past.

Anyway, I felt good about this, I’m not even sure why… it just felt right. You know that gut feeling you get when something’s just right but you don’t know why?

That’s what I felt.

Needless to say, I contacted PTD, and signed up.

I received everything I needed to achieve these incredible results:

  • Schedule of WHEN to eat
  • Strict but doable diet of WHAT to eat
  • Each of my gym trainings were under the strict supervision of a professional trainer
  • This might not sound like a big deal, but trust me it is: encouragements!

And even two unexpected things:

  • I learned how to fight because my trainer is also a boxer
  • I’m more confident than I have ever been in my life

The results?

After 3 days working with a PTD trainer, I lost one kilogram.

7 days later, I lost another one.

13 days into the routine I could hit the gym longer and harder than ever before and keep my body running throughout the day, and lost 5 kilograms by then.

4 weeks into it I have lost 12 kilograms, and I feel better than ever.

I still have a lot do go on my journey, but two things are for sure: I wouldn’t be where I am today without PTD and I will continue following their instructions with all my trust.

Totally off-topic, but still an achievement, my self-confidence grew so much, that I had the courage to ask a coworker to a date. We’re going out on Saturday so wish me luck!

If you have been struggling with losing weight and nothing worked for you and you live in Abu Dhabi, or Dubai, then PTD is the place where you’ll achieve your dream body!

And besides achieving your dream body in such a short time, what this does to your mentality and the immune system is priceless.

I feel stronger, better looking, and happier than ever. And it’s not me saying it. It’s my family, my friends, and my coworkers saying it.

I really hope that it has even a fraction of the impact on your life that it has had on mine because PTD forever changed my life.