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Did you know that high-intensity training is the best way to stop your skin from aging and add that beautiful glow? How many times a day you wish you could turn the clock and get your skin the way it was a couple of years ago?

Forget about all the expensive creams and different potions and start sweating the years off. There is a simple and natural way for your skin to glow again, and that is regular exercising and the right nutrition.

What can I expect?

There are many advantages of eating healthy and spending some time during the day for your workout, and according to scientists anti-aging effect is one of them. Actually, the more exercise you get, the less your cells age.

Studies show that regardless of your age, exercising will have a positive effect on your skin thickness and elasticity. Exercising is, in fact, the natural way of aging well. Elasticity allows your skin to return spontaneously back in one place when stretched, but this is one characteristic of your skin that fades over time. By training and toning muscles you help your skin maintain its firmness.

During exercise you increase your blood flow, and that helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients which are important for all the cells in the body and it helps carry away the waste products, for example free radicals. Think about this as a cleaning your skin from the inside.

In addition to helping wrinkles go away, exercising also helps with your acne problems. This relates to the blood flow we just talked about. Toxins blood carries away are also the ones that clog pores. Sweating helps clear oils and dirt from your pores. After exercise just wash your face and use a clean towel, so the skin would not absorb the impurities back.

Which are the right exercises?

Now when you know that you can be healthy, happy and younger-looking thanks to exercising, there is only one more problem left – you are scared of exercising! You do not want to go to the gym, you don’t want the pain and all the rigorous diets. So you decide to try the expensive creams and hope for the best – no!

We will prove you that you can eat tasty food, and do the exercises you like and that will be a highlight of your day. Many of our clients never practiced sports or exercised before, and now they cannot imagine their day without training!

Training can be super fun and enjoyable. For example, our female clients are impressed with how super fun kickboxing can be.

“I never found the time to exercise before, but at one moment I realized that stress took a toll on my body shape and skin. So I started training every morning before work, I gained some healthy habits and now I look and feel better than ever!” says Christine, beauty salon owner, mom of two kids and our client.

The best way to have quick and amazing results is high-intensity training, especially in the morning. This will make you look and feel younger and energized. Type of training we recommend is high-intensity cardio kickboxing. These exercises will help your skin toning, fix your posture and expand the range of movement and flexibility. Increased circulation from these exercises will literally radiate your face.

Furthermore, this type of training burns calories much faster than any other training and scientists say that high-intensity training actually adds additional years to your life.

The best time to do your workout is in the morning, before breakfast. You can combine this with intermittent fasting, which is especially effective when it comes to losing weightFor example, do one 30 minutes session before work every morning, combine that with healthy habits developed thanks to the specialized nutrition plan and the results will amaze you!

Another important tip to have in mind is that you should not have any carbs for dinner if you want your skin to glow! More tips on groceries you should eat you can find on our blog.

High-intensity training increases growth hormone in your body, as well as endorphin (hormone of happiness). When it comes to growth hormone, it is very important for your muscles, body mass and bone mass, cardiovascular system and cognitive function. There are many people suffering from diabetes or some kind of cardiovascular diseases, and regular exercising can help prevent that. Your family and people you love need you around for a very long time.

Growth hormone has a strong effect on your physical appearance as well, but there is a large decline in growth hormone in your body when you start the third decade of your life. By exercising your body regulates the level of growth hormone, so you preserve your young looking skin, you are happier and you gain many health benefits.

Some additional tips and tricks

We want you to feel comfortable when you exercise, so you don’t have to do it in a gym. Dubai has so many beautiful places for you to do your workout. You can do it at the beach, in a park, at the office if you are a busy-bee or at your apartment, house or villa. Wherever you decide to exercise, there are some additional tips you have to remember in order to preserve that beautiful skin of yours.

#1 Keep hydrated

You heard so many times about all the benefits of drinking enough water. It helps your body detoxifies, it improves your organism’s basic functions and it boosts your energy. In addition to this, water makes your skin glow glow glow! A lack of hydration contributes to the look and feel of the skin.

#2 Wear sun cream

Yes yes, we talked about creams already. But your skin needs protection if you are exercising outside, so this is very important. Of course, suncream is not only important for your face. You should wear it on any part of your body which is exposed to the sun. Over the years, daily sun exposure causes premature aging and reduction of skin elasticity.

#3 You need your beauty sleep ladies (and gentleman)!

Your skin goes into repair mode as you sleep, so a good night rest (7-8 hours) is crucial for the skin. And we guarantee that you will sleep better after a good workout.

To finalize…

Exercise doesn’t only help to maintain your young-looking skin, but it also helps reverse skin aging for people who start exercising later in life. With proper diet and enjoyable workout, you will feel and look better than ever. You can always get a free consultation with one of our expert personal trainers to know which nutritional plan and type of training are the best for you.