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When I was in Hollywood fighting with my amazing opponent Igor de Castaneda, I was thinking about all the hard work I have put to my career as a professional athlete. After over 250 medals from national and international competitions and after being Karate World Champion in 2010. I have found myself at the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a professional Karate Combat fighter. You can check out my fighter profile on this link. In this text, I want to share my Hollywood experience and to say something more about the immense motivation I have.
karate combat fight

How it all started

When I was a kid I started training karate and found myself being successful in it. I found karate being an amazing sport for building stamina, physical condition, posture and persistence, as well as other martial arts. At about the same time when I became Karate World Champion, I got my Master Degree of Sport and Physical education. During my studies, I realized that my ultimate goal is to raise sport and fitness awareness among people, helping them to be the best possible versions of themselves.

This is how I got an idea to create Personal Trainers Dubai with a group of people as dedicated to this mission as I am. I am extremely proud of my team of personal trainers because they are all amazing professionals, well educated and with so many accomplishments as a confirmation of their professionalism.

“We are here with a purpose – to help anyone achieve their goal who is willing to help themselves! If you have any questions or you need advice regarding improving your life – feel free to ask – We will be very happy to help!”

Keys of my success in Karate Combat Fight in Hollywood

As I already mentioned, I would like to share some of my keys to winning the Karate Combat fight, since this is actually something we are aiming to do every day with our clients.

Nutrition and exercise and something more

For my Karate Combat fight I was preparing by right nutrition and regular exercising. The key is fighter’s fitness – when everything else is uncertain this is one thing you can count on. Thanks to my experience in different sports and enormous experience in karate, I was able to win the Karate Combat fight in Hollywood against Igor de Castaneda. If you would like to watch the fight, check out this link.

karate combat fight in Hollywood

I always say to our clients that only exercising is not going to lead you to your fitness goals. Exercising routine combined with the right nutrition is how you are going to lose weight and get rid of belly fat while toning your body.

What is the unique recipe?

The thing that makes a difference between a personal trainer and an amazing personal trainer is that an amazing personal trainer knows that there is no one universal way for clients to lose weight, tone their body and get into shape. You have to create tailored nutrition and exercise plans so you can achieve maximum results.

The same is applicable when you are getting ready for a Karate Combat fight. I always strive to know my client’s habits and metabolism as well as my own and to give 100% to help them as I was doing that for myself and my body.

The modern problems and self-motivation

In the modern world, there are so many people struggling with overweight or obese, and the population is getting older day by day. We all want results fast, so we want to feel better and to feel it now. The key is movement because movement and fitness will bring more happiness to everyday life.

When I was preparing for my Karate Combat fight I never felt like I don’t want to train anymore, because no matter how tired I am I always remember the amazing feeling that comes after training. Training is a stress relief, and body’s natural state is movement – the human body is not used to sitting all day long.

No matter how many times you think that staying at home and watching movies is a better idea – it isn’t! It is important to move and stay motivated, keep your eyes on the prize. Remember the person you want to be and how you would like to look and feel – and keep going. There is no better feeling than achieving your goal.

head coach Milos as a karate combat fight winner

To conclude…

When you have a goal that includes fitness and health, there are so many things that your personal trainer is going to think about for you. Personal trainer creates your diet, your exercise plan, trains with you and tries to keep you motivated. But the key to achieving your goal is self-motivation. You should never forget why you are doing something. Nobody got the tight ass by sitting on it, and nobody won the Karate Combat fight without determination and persistence.