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  • Certified Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Master University Degree in Sports and Rehabilitation
  • Certified Nutritional Coach
  • Functional Trainings Expert
  • Expert in special conditions
  • Expert in toning and shaping
  • Sports stretching
  • Mobility increase experts

Mony’s approach is centered on empowering her clients with tailor-made training programs, meticulously designed to cater to their individual requirements. This ensures not only exceptional results but also lasting lifestyle changes that stand the test of time.

. Her unparalleled dedication is evident in the personalized attention, unwavering support, and innovative fitness techniques she provides, making her the top choice for those seeking remarkable transformations in Dubai.

Join Mony’s PTD Fitness movement today and embark on a transformative fitness expedition that not only reshapes your physique but also equips you with the mindset and tools to live a healthier, happier life. Discover the true meaning of reaching your peak fitness potential with Mony, Dubai’s ultimate Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach.




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