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Real Client Transformation Personal Trainer Dubai
Marwan lost 9kg in two months

“At first, I just wanted to lose a couple of pounds. My friend recommended Personal Trainers Dubai since they are the number one experts in the field. Well, I called them and started my transformation – and loved every second of it! I have achieved my 3-months goals for just 2 months, I feel healthy, positive and energetic. We are continuing our journey together towards a perfect six-pack! Thank you Milos!” Marwan transformation, Dubai

Personal Trainer Dubai Client Progress
How Shan transform his body and improve his health

“What can I say… If you want to learn how to be healthy, what to eat, how to train and stay positive, if you want to look so good and be fit, here is the right place. Milos showed me that is never too late to learn self-defense…kicks and tricks and how to fight… thank you Milos!”
Businessman Shaan

Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
Dave is stronger than ever in his 50’s

“When I called PTD, I just planed to lose a couple of pounds because of the health issues, but then I started to get addicted to my progress. I never thought I will be the fittest in my life at age 50. I feel 20 years younger and I’m stronger and have more energy than when I was 25. Thank you, guys! You changed my life!”

Personal Trainer Dubai - Transformation
Ilija got his six pack first time in his 43 with Personal Trainers Dubai

“I was skeptical at the beginning, but I decided to trust my personal trainer. After only a week I’ve lost 3kg! This was a moment I knew this is going to have an amazing result. And look at me now! I feel amazing, my health improved significantly and I have achieved my fitness goals.”

Personal Trainer Dubai - Transformation
At 46 she was depressed and thought she was to old and out of shape for a gym she lost 17kg and transformed her life

“I was truly energized and so excited to put my plan into action with Dubai PT Tea guidance! Each week, as I saw the pounds melting away, it gave me even more inspiration to work harder. I was transforming my lifestyle and that was a key attribute to my success. I start each day by looking at myself in the mirror and actually being HAPPY with the person I see looking back at me. Now, I look the way I have always wanted to look, and my husband can’t believe the results either! I can honestly say that my results have surpassed even my expectations. Don’t spend another day feeling bad about yourself or your appearance. You have the power to change your life for the better and to maintain an active lifestyle. I will never allow myself to go back to my old habits. I am a new person thanks to personal trainers Dubai” Fatima

Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
Architect progress

“I have been looking for a good personal trainer for a long time and then I met Milos. He has set up a proper diet for me and adjusted my training program. In 8th weeks the result yes amazing. I would recommend him to all of you!”

Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
How ex professional athlete get back in shape in 12 weeks with personal trainers Dubai

Milos and i use to compete against each other before in karate.

When I heard that he is in Dubai I immediately call him to help me to come back in shape as I change totally my lifestyle and i couldn’t do alone.

Milos inspire me and help me to find my “WHY” and I’m now in best shape ever after only 12 weeks.

Personal Trainer Dubai - Transformation
Toning body and losing weight

“Knowledgeable, caring team of personal trainers who are committed to their clients 110%… I have been training with many personal trainers and visited many gyms, but I never found such an amazing program and people who are delivering serious results. Now I am training with Tea for a year and a half, and I have my body and confidence to prove it! Thank you so much!”

Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
Personal Trainer Dubai - Review
Personal Trainer Dubai - Weight Loss Boot Camp Reviews

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