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Getting fit for the vacation season can be difficult after months of eating unhealthy food. By the time you realize that your pants do not fit you anymore and the dress you loved so much doesn’t look good on you – it is too late. You have already entered the overweight zone, and if you are not sure how to prioritize there is no way that you are going to get rid of excess body fat.

Luckily, it’s not all lost. With specialized nutrition and exercise plan you are going to watch the kilograms fading away – like it never happened. We are sharing the 3 top priorities for you to win in your fitness mission.

Calorie intake

All Personal Trainers Dubai coaches are aware that when we mention calorie intake our clients immediately have a sour face. Nobody wants to count calories and check the internet so they can figure out whether they can eat only one more orange.

But, calories intake is the number one most important thing if you want to get fit.

healthy food

Most people think that food is a reward after hard exercise, but this is not a healthy point of view. Instead, focus on having regular exercises combined with a healthy diet. Pick the exercises you enjoy and add fresh, healthy, tasty and colorful food kick your diet.

If you don’t enjoy your diet – rethink it and create a new one. There is always a possibility for you to eat delicious food, be happy and lose weight. Lucky for you, we already have a couple of texts in our blog we wrote for you with amazing recipes for your diet. The great example is Intermittent Fasting.

These recipes are tasty, easy to make and the food has a low-calorie number. Dare not to like them!

Consistent training – keep your body shape!

Maybe no one has ever told you this, but if you are losing weight only by diet you are losing your body shape as well. Since the calorie intake is lower, your body is going to break down your muscles for fuel at one point.

working out

This is why is it very important to be consistent in your training while dieting. Create your own exercise routines, tailored for your body type, and keep up the good work.

If you find it hard to motivate or you are not sure what are the right exercises for you, try training with a personal trainer. A personal trainer will provide you with much-needed support during the process, create your specialized exercise and nutrition plans and speed up the process of losing weight while taking care of your overall health.

If you find it expensive or you are not sure that you want to train with a personal trainer by yourself – if there is an obstacle for you really – check out some other specialized programs.

For example, you can try different types of boot camps and see the results. If you find it interesting and successful you can sign up for more sessions. In addition to this, Personal Trainers Dubai provide Train 2, Pay 1 possibility, where you can share the training cost with your friends and family and enjoy their company while training.

Be honest with yourself

While working towards your dream body and perfect health, be honest with yourself. If the results aren’t there, ask yourself what did you do to make this happen. Have you been eating unhealthy snacks, or maybe not setting realistic goals?

The truth is that with the right exercise plan and nutrition you can lose up to 10kg in the first month of your routine.


Also, be honest in calculating calories, stick to your plan and be honest with your personal trainer as well. If you are not able to stick to the plan you can always change the routine and still have amazing results and reach your fitness goal – possibilities are endless.

If you can get these things right, you are going to lose weight and get fit in no time!