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The truth is out there: working out is not your top priority during a vacation, while you are enjoying all the delicious food and sunbathing. And while vacation has different health benefits when it comes to your stress level – eventually you have to come back to your routine.

This transition can be hard, and your personal trainer knows that. He/she can make this period a lot easier, and Personal Trainers Dubai coaches definitely do their best for you to be in your best shape.

Follow these tips from your personal trainer and you will embrace your old routine in no time.

#1 Small steps are a good start

When you start exercising again don’t start with long and exhausting training suddenly. Ease yourself up into the process. For start, long walks or slow jogging would do the trick. Then start with half-an-hour training, and gradually increase the length.

Your workout should be adjusted to you and what your body needs, so talk with your personal trainer about what would be the ideal intensity of a workout for you and what your body shape and organism needs.


Personal Trainer Stretching After Exercise


And it is not only about exercising also. It is about food as well. Your personal trainer should recommend you the best possible combination of meals so you get everything you need which is healthy at the same time. Ask your personal trainer to create a new diet and nutrition plan for you after a vacation – for the transition period of time.

Our personal coaches from Dubai and Abu Dhabi always create a set of groceries recommendations for clients who are traveling. When they come home, they get another set which helps them adjust to the new diet.

#2 Book classes

Nothing is more motivational than responsibility towards your personal trainer and your wallet. As soon as you land, take your phone and contact your personal trainer to book your next session. 

Do not wait for “later” or “Monday”. Do not delay getting back to your training – if you start doing that it will be even harder for you to get back in shape. Book your first class and your personal trainer will show up at your doorstep. Then book the second one, and so on. Your PT will not give up on you! 

#3 Visualise

Visualization is a powerful motivating tool. It will help you see yourself how good you are going to look and feel in a month, two, three, a year… By thinking of your final goals, and how amazing you are going to feel when you achieve them, you will be motivated to start training again and bring that vision to life.

#4 Train with a friend

Ever thought about training with a friend or a family member? This will help you eliminate all the excuses since you are obligated to the person training with you as well.

In addition to this, you are going to give each other that extra push you may need in order to achieve your fitness goals. And happiness is even larger when both of you look amazing and feel better.

#5 Slowly increase the intensity of training

We mention this all the time – it is not about high-intensity trainings in Personal Trainers Dubai. We create training that is right-intensity-for-you. This is even more important when you come back from vacation.


Head Personal Trainer Milos During Training With a Client in Dubai


You were drinking cocktails, relaxing on the beach, enjoying amazing food – and you probably weren’t thinking about exercising. Your body is relaxed at this point, and you are a bit out of shape. That is why it is important to start with some low-intensity cardio and increase the intensity with your personal trainer over time.

#6 Set a workout calendar

Do not say to yourself that you are going to do your workout this week only if you get the chance. We already mentioned booking classes with your pt. The ideal strategy is to take your calendar and mark the days when you are going to do your workouts.

Say to yourself that you are going to do your workout two or three times a week, book your personal trainer for the following week and mark all the dates when you want to make time for yourself and exercise. No excuses – be the best possible version of yourself!