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When I found out I was pregnant I was ecstatic. There really are no words that could this describe this joy. The idea of having a little girl in my life was everything I dreamed of. As a Personal Trainer at first I believed that I can and I will control my food cravings – if I am going to have any at all.

Well, soon enough I said to myself that I desperately want to eat a slice of pizza. And this is how the gaining weight began.

I was simply eating what I wanted – fruits, vegetables, meat, but also sweets, pizza, ice cream… And yes, of course I was worried but at the same time certain that with exercising and right nutrition I will get rid of the pregnancy weight.

After pregnancy, I had 15kg to lose. At first, I started with the right nutrition and simple diet – just eating what I normally used to eat. Smoothies, fish and chicken were once again on my menu.

I was working for years with ladies who had problems with losing pregnancy weight, and now I was walking in their shoes. I decided to improve my game and find a way to lose weight simple but fast, without having to dedicate to much time to my own nutrition and exercising.

At this point, I was busy all the time since I was taking care of my little girl Una. So one day I would be consistent with my diet and exercising, and then I would skip a couple of days. Of course that wasn’t giving the results I wanted.

I’ve changed my meal plan

Finally, I wrote a simple, easy-to-follow menu that wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes of my time during one day. This recipes encluded fat-burning groceries, healthy food and everything were extremely easy to make. These meals provided all the nutrients I needed to stay healthy, and not to feel overwhelmed and swell.

I use these simple instructions and recipes today in my Hot Mommy Makeover program to help all the amazing women who struggle with overweight and do not have much time during the day.

And I’ve created a specialized workout plan

When it comes to exercises, I created a specialized workout plan. I felt that I do not have enough time during the day to do a full workout, and yet I needed to burn fat.

hot mommy makeover program

This is how our famous 30 minutes fat-burn workout program has arisen. This workout program includes 30 minutes of high-intensity training with the afterburn effect, I could burn twice more calories in half my time.

The result was amazing!

I’ve lost 15kg in only 3 months after this change in my diet and exercise routine. And I never went back to that weight and body shape again.

After 6 months I was in the best shape ever. I never struggled with pregnancy weight again, I felt healthy and confident and since I am a Personal Trainer I could come back to work.

Now, 7 years later, I still work with moms who struggle with pregnancy weight. It feels amazing when I have the opportunity to help these incredible women get their body shape back and get to see them smiling and feeling simply sexy and amazing.

Later on, we at Personal Trainers Dubai started with our Hot Mommy Makeover program. It is more than a program – it a community of healthy and strong women that support each other and help each other to achieve their weight and body shape goals. One’s women success is another women’s inspiration, and that is how we have changed 100 lives so far.

If you want to join our crew, get your own nutrition plan, exercise routine, Personal Trainer and outstanding support – contact me today via this link. I got your back – together we are going to get you the transformation of your life.